Please make a contribution to Oil of Joy Ministries to help support Orphans, Pastors, and Evangelists in India.


We have many areas in Oil of Joy Ministries that you can get involved in. God has opened a number of doors for us to minister in. You can sponsor the welfare of an orphan, sponsor a pastor and his family, build an orphanage, build a church, take a mission trip to India, support our AIDS children’s program, support our medical mission outreach, sponsor a person who desires to take a mission trip to India and so many other things that we are embarking on.

Please pray and ask the Lord where you should invest your time and finances. I know that if you are visiting this site, God may have something for you to do for Him.

God bless you and I look forward to partnering with you in His great work.


Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsor an Orphan

We have a number of new orphan children that need a sponsor. We found them wondering on the streets of India and we are in the process of gathering them up now to shelter them. These children need our help. Some of them are from parent martyred for the faith. You can pick a picture of the child you want and you will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with your child. They will know your name and pray for you daily. You can write them and send them gifts for Christmas and their birthday if you like. You can e-mail Pastor John or Pastor Tandi or even call these pastors to see how your child is doing. I have established these orphanages to be very personal. This is the way I would like it and I thought you would also. Let us all show compassion toward these precious ones as they are foremost on God’s heart.

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Sponsor a Pastor or Evangelist and His Family

Sponsor a Pastor

Oil of Joy is leading efforts to sponsor Christian workers in remote regions of India. For just $50 a month, you can provide an Indian pastor and their family with full support--enabling them to devote their time to ministry. Because these pastors do outreach in the desolate, poverty-stricken areas of India, it's difficult for them to obtain work and support their families. Their commitment to the Gospel means that many employers shun this predominantly Hindu country. Christians are treated like outcasts. Pastor John Joseph and Pastor Dhaniram Tandi will be mentoring these pastors, and will provide updates and a means of communicating with the pastor you support--if you so choose. It's amazing how for less than the cost of a latte a day you can take care of these families with their daily bread. God uses us to feed His children.

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Sponsor an Orphanage

Sponsor a Orphanage

We are helping to find sponsors for the orphans and vulnerable children individuals in India. Many of the children have horrific stories to tell as to how they were forced to beg on the streets because their parents could no longer afford to feed them. Some have even been maimed to make them 'better beggars'. They had no future ahead of them except an early death from disease, beatings or starvation. Now they have a hope and a future. Thank you again for your support. It is our prayer that both the sponsor and the sponsored child will eternally benefit from the sponsorship relationship. God bless you for your prayerful consideration of the needs (emotional, physical, and financial) of these precious children.

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Sponsor a Church

Sponsor a Pastor

Would you like to bless a pastor and his congregation? Would you consider adding value to their life, as they cannot do it for themselves? We can partner with these hard-working, zealous brothers in Christ to build a church. Eternity awaits the millions of Indians who haven't heard the Gospel. We would be honored and excited if you would consider partnering with Oil of Joy for the entire cost or a portion, to build churches in India.

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Sponsor an Outreach

Sponsor a Outreach Ministry

Did you know that 25,000 children will die today of hunger or preventable diseases? Children around the world are in dire need of basic necessities including food, clean drinking water, healthcare and education. Without your help these children have little chance.

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In 2006, Ginny had the incredible opportunity to travel to India for several weeks to preach the Word of God.

While there, Ginny saw the overwhelming needs of street children begging for food and shelter. We helped with efforts to establish OJM’s first orphanage and we took in 30 orphan girls that needed shelter. Because of her commitment and our many supporters, to date we have over 135 children that have sponsors and are totally cared for in three different orphanages.

After the first visit, Oil of Joy Ministries decided to continue partnering with pastors in India. We are amazed by the commitment, faith and sacrifice of these ministers who are doing work in many dangerous and inaccessible regions of India. We have already fully funded over 55 Indian pastors, and are raising support for more!

For less than the cost of one lattè a day, we can fully sponsor men and women of God who are the light of the gospel in India. We can make the difference in the life of a child who is alone in the world. Won't you join with us in this incredible opportunity?