Please make a contribution to Oil of Joy Ministries to help support Orphans, Pastors, and Evangelists in India.

Sponsoring an Orphan

Mission Statement for Vision for Orphan Children:

The Mission of Oil of Joy Ministries is to rescue as many abandoned orphan children as we can off the streets of India from a painful life of starvation, abuse and suffering to a life of protection, love and hope.

Oil of Joy Ministries is very excited to announce that we are providing support for three orphanages in India. Ginny traveled to India with a team in January 2006. During this time she saw a need to find shelter for young children who have been abandoned. Our partner pastors in India who helped us start these orphanages also helped us prayerfully name them "House of Joy for Girls", “House of Joy for Boys” & "Mercy Home”.

We now have over 135 children taken off the streets of India. The cost to sponsor a child is $40 a month, which includes shelter, food, clothing, toiletries, medicines, a birthday and Christmas Gift and school uniforms and school books for the year. You will be able to choose your child from a photo. Once your donation is made, Ginny will call you personally to tell you the details. She will send you out a packet with your child’s picture and information on how to contact them.

If you'd like to donate to support the orphanage in a general way, you can contribute below also. Thank you for your prayers and support!

We offer a one-time gift option which will provide meals for a number of children per day until permanent sponsorship is found for them. We also have monthly sponsorship options.